In storage, in Los Angeles

november 10, 2021

Here we go. I promised you that I was going to tell you a little bit more about myself. I also promised you that I was going to talk more about a time of my life that generated a lot of questions; The time during which I worked in Los Angeles in a storage in the middle of the city. That’s what this text will be about.

First of all, it’s important to point out that this is a pretty long time ago. I worked in storage, in Los Angeles, almost 10 years ago now. Yes, time flies. I’m having a hard time remembering the feeling of working there. I don’t know what it felt like going to the storage in Los Angeles. I don’t know what it felt like doing the everyday tasks. Don’t know what was fun and what wasn’t. However, what I do remember about the job in storage in Los Angeles, is my wonderful co-workers. That is still as clear as day, even though it was so long ago.

Like I said, my time in storage Los Angeles was almost a decade ago. So many things have happened since of course. Not only in my life but in the world in general. Even though, I can still remember the everyday laughter at my co-worker Martin. He was, and is still, the funniest person I’ve ever met in my life. Sorry to everybody else, but there is no other contestant. He had been working in the storage in Los Angeles 10 years before me. From what I can see on FB, he is still doing it. The only difference being that he now has a family and seem to not party that much anymore.

Speaking of partying. Working in storage in Los Angeles when you’re between 20 and 25 is a good idea if you want to have fun. I did, I did have really fun working in my storage in Los Angeles. I remember that it started right away when I began working there. Martin and the other people took me under their wings and let me be part of the gang right away. Then, once a new person started working in our storage in Los Angeles after me, I did the same thing. It was part of the culture and that was actually very, very nice.

I feel like I could go on with this forever. Is this something that you feel like hearing more about? I mean, I was working in Los Angeles, in that same storage, for years. It adds up quickly.